Embrace the groundbreaking magic of artificial intelligence with Merlin DAM software


Need to find the most captivating photo in your DAM?

Want to know if you have the best image for your project, but not sure how to go about finding it? MerlinAI IMPACT gives data-driven recommendations on technical merit and aesthetic value for the images in your library to help you instantly pinpoint the best possible photo for your use case.

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How does it work?

Think of MerlinAI IMPACT as your own virtual Photo Director, though one that is able to sort through all your photos within milliseconds and serve you up the most striking one. At MerlinOne, we spent many hours training our Deep Learning algorithms to be able to discern the difference between a good picture and a not so great picture. By leveraging the critical eye of highly qualified expert photographers and photo editors, we were able to meticulously train the dataset by evaluating how the images measure up BOTH on technical merit and aesthetic value.

MerlinAI IMPACT uses its intuitive Deep Learning algorithm to find the most compelling photos in your DAM.

MerlinAI IMPACT is like having a super power that analyzes the content within your images without you having to do a thing, ensuring the photos you choose within your DAM make the biggest impact in your work.


Improve Asset Discoverability

Discover the most aesthetically and technically captivating images for your specific use case.


Speed Up Your Creative Process

Become a creative rock star. You no longer need to have the critical eye of a Photo Director – this tool does the work for you.

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