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Easily track & measure your DAM data with ad-hoc reporting & analytics

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Reporting is the primary tool to use to ensure you're achieving the maximum ROI potential of your DAM. If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

It helps you achieve success in 4 critical areas:
Ensure and measure user adoption
Understand more fully how your constituents are using digital assets
Increase efficiency and make improvements for your users so they engage more with the system
Optimize the economics of gathering new digital assets and using them

User Adoption
(activity reports):

Who is using the DAM (# of logins, # of downloads)?

Which departments are using the DAM?

Who is not using the DAM (so we can reach out to them, get them instruction if needed, and gauge what their resistance might be)?


How we use digital assets (usage reports):

Which assets are being used and how often?

Where assets are being used (i.e. Print, web, social media, fundraising campaigns, alumni campaigns, etc.)?

What types of assets or file types are being used and which ones are most popular (i.e. PDFs, JPEGS, MOV files, etc.)?


Increase DAM efficiency and usefulness

Is the metadata getting filled in thoroughly so users can find the right asset (what fields have no entries and how can that be improved)?

Are there gaps in our content library (i.e. does our collection support diversity, are we missing important products or physical assets)?

Are there any stale or overused content that could require a refresh (i.e. Do we need a fresh image of our CEO? Do we mean to continue to use photos containing people who have passed away, or do we need to purge them)?

What searches are getting zero results? Is that because of missing content or metadata?

What assets have been versioned, duplicated or are ready to expire?


Economics (content source reports):

What are the best sources of our content (Shutterstock or Getty or other stock images, photos taken by a specific photographer, graphics created by a certain designer)?

What are our assets costing (i.e. what proportion of the images we buy do we actually use)? Are our more expensive sources outperforming less costly channels? Or, are we using stock imagery so much that we may want to look at a different pricing package that will potentially give us more for less)? Audit source bills to confirm we actually got the images we are being charged for.


What is special about Merlin Reporting?

Overwhelmed by the endless lists of cryptic fields in most reporting tools? Merlin Reporting groups the fields in intuitive categories to make your job building custom reports effortless.

Merlin Reporting comes with a set of default reports, which you can customize and save. It also allows you to explore your data in new ways with its comprehensive ad-hoc report capability.

Merlin Reporting provides you with immediate results that can be easily refined, and it dynamically generates meaningful charts and graphs to help you and others visualize the data. Report results may be easily exported for quick import into Excel or other tools for even more complex data analysis.

How will you use reporting to get the most out of your DAM?

Check out Merlin Reporting in action!

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