MerlinAI NOMADTM -as-a-Service

The Power of NOMAD™ is Now Available to Enhance Discoverability of any Collection

No Metadata? No problem. NOMAD™ knows.

The Problem: Searching a DAM for assets with little or no descriptive metadata is nearly impossible.

The Solution: Meet NOMAD™: a purely visual AI search technology which understands natural language and concepts. NOMAD™ (NO MetAData) is exclusive to MerlinOne, and is the result of four years of in-house advanced AI effort. This is Visual Search, reimagined.

NOMAD™-as-a-Service: MerlinOne is now offering NOMAD™-as-a-Service to use with any DAM. 

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NOMAD knows. Simple as that.

NOMAD™ for Images


Faster ROI: The success of your DAM is no longer tied directly to the quality and completeness of your metadata. You can start finding what you need as soon as the images are in the system.

No Training: You no longer need to have expertise in specialized search techniques or be able to compile complex search queries using exact or specific words to find digital asset management photos.

Doubled Productivity: Combined with other MerlinAI tools such as IMPACT and Visual Similarity, NOMADTM provides even more powerful search capabilities that you can put to work in your AI-powered toolbox.

Search for: “Sunny Day”

MerlinOne NOMAD™ digital asset management search results for a sunny day on laptop

Meet NOMAD™  for Video


Added Value: A With NOMAD™ for Video, all your video assets are now immediately discoverable. Our purely visual search technology returns accurate results independent of any metadata.

Time Savings: Spend less time scrubbing through an entire video file for a short clip. With NOMAD™ for Video, you’ll find it in seconds not hours.

Exclusively from MerlinOne: Available nowhere else, NOMAD™ for Video was researched, developed, and deployed in-house. We are committed to providing you with the best, most complete digital asset management software available.

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