MerlinAI Facial Recognition

Embrace the groundbreaking magic of artificial intelligence with Merlin Compliance DAM.


Face detection & tagging made easy

MerlinAI Facial Recognition brings groundbreaking facial identification with auto-tagging to Merlin X. Now, you have the unique ability to detect, match and tag millions of faces within your collection instantly. This advanced capability uses biometrics and multiple Deep Learning algorithms to quickly find, extract and identify a person’s face within an image – even if the face is within a crowd, angled, slightly shadowed or partially hidden.

Merlin Compliance customers don’t need to worry about any data being sent to a third-party for analysis as our Facial Recognition AI tool has been built strictly in-house.

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In an organization of +3000 employees, MerlinAI Facial Recognition has been a time and money saver for our agency. The tagging system is easy to use, and it saves so much time not having to go through every picture in the database to just add people’s names over and over again…We couldn’t be happier with the tool!


Bart Vieugels
Oklahoma Department of Transportation

MerlinAI Facial Recognition is available to Merlin Compliance hosted customers, providing:


Superior Accuracy

Scores above 99% in accuracy when tested against leading academic reference sets.


Rapid Identification & Intelligent Automation

Instantaneous detection and tagging even when the user needs to identify individuals from large galleries of images.


Personalized Collection Tagging

Used to detect and tag any person within a user’s personalized collection.

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