MerlinAI Image Similarity

Embrace the groundbreaking magic of artificial intelligence with Merlin Compliance DAM


What images are alike in your DAM?

Want to know if you have the best image possible for your project, but not sure how to go about finding it? MerlinAI Image Similarity give data-driven recommendations to help you instantly pinpoint the exact image you need, bringing unprecedented value to your DAM with speed and precision.

Merlin Compliance customers don’t need to worry about any data being sent to a third-party for analysis as our Image Similarity AI tool has been built strictly in-house.

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MerlinAI Image Similarity finds similar pictures using its artfully intuitive algorithm.

No longer will you need to use just textual metadata, MerlinAI Image Similarity is like having a super power that analyzes the content within your images without you having to do a thing, ensuring that the photos you choose within your DAM make the biggest impact in your work.

Why is MerlinAI Image Similarity so DAM useful?


Improved & Intuitive Search Experience

MerlinAI Image SImilarity knows what photos in your database are similar without you having to do anything. The tool analyzes image colors, textures, subject spacing and more to ensure the images it recommends is right on the money.


Seamless Batch Editing

You can use your batch editing tool and image similarity tool simultaneously. Save time by automatically applying metadata to bigger volumes of images.


Immediate Search Retrieval

Textual metadata is so 90’s. Not to mention, wasting time sifting through every one of your digital assets to ensure metadata is completed and attributed to each one correctly is a real pain. Cut down your admin chores and do a better job with less effort in maintaining the integrity of the content within your DAM.

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